My Top 5 Baking Tools

May 7, 2017

I am sure a lot of bloggers have been sharing the basic or essential baking tools for beginners. It would be quite boring for me to share the same things. So let me share with you my most helpful and important baking tools and some hacks for using them.




Stand Mixer


I have never regretted getting a stand mixer! I first bought a hand mixer to start off my elementary level of baking many years ago. A hand mixer can perform a pretty satisfying job in blending and whisking but you'll need to hold it all the time while using it, which requires a lot of time and can result in fatigue. A stand mixer not only saves time and energy, but also performs much better in whisking and blending. Their specifically designed attachments optimise your skills at every stage of baking!




- Silicone Spatulas 

I use the silicone spatulas for stirring, mixing and dividing mixtures. The best thing about them is being able to use them to scrape down all the mixture - so no ingredients are wasted! :D


- Angled Spatulas

I use the angled spatulas in many ways, such as frosting cakes, leveling the mixture in cake pans and even mixing colours for my buttercream! It is always easier to smooth the food colouring on the buttercream before mixing the food colouring into the whole batch of buttercream.




You must have seen how cake decorators smooth their buttercream frosting on cakes with metal scrapers and acrylic scrapers. Besides the metal and acrylic ones, I also use plastic scrapers to scrape down the piping bags before refilling them (my OCD habits - hate being messy :p).


Kitchen Timers


I use more than one kitchen timer. I don't look at the clock while I am in the kitchen. When I need to time a few things at the same time, having more kitchen timers is always good. I always use an extra timer to count the amount of time from when I start baking. This is because in case the mixture isn't cooked when time is up, I would never lose track of how long it has been cooked.


Cookie Scoop


Some people use measuring spoons or scales for doing the job but I love how cookie scoops can divide mixtures evenly and quickly into different cake pans (cookie scoops are not just for cookies! haha).


I hope you enjoyed reading about my top 5 baking tools. Feel free to comment below and tell me what your favourite tool is and share your hacks for our lovely bakers too! Happy baking! x

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