To Future Brides: No More Regrets

May 21, 2017

My husband and I married when we had just graduated. With the limited budget and cultural constraints (Asian wedding), we had to give up a lot of things on our wedding wishlist. If we could go back to that day, these would definitely be things that we wish we could have changed:



Even though we booked our wedding venue one year in advance, all weekends were booked out and we had to pick a weekday that was right before a public holiday. Most guests were working that day and could not make it early to the wedding. We could not take our time to enjoy the wedding which was one of the regrets.


To Future Brides: It is always better to book your venue in advance, the earlier the better. Afternoon receptions are getting more popular recently, you can consider one if all weekend evening receptions are booked out.



Our wedding was an Asian style wedding with an Asian banquet. Therefore, there were no fresh flower arrangements, wedding cakes or a dance floor. After attending a friend's western style wedding reception, I wish I had hosted at least a western style banquet for an afternoon reception to fulfill my wedding dream.


To Future Brides: There are less to book for Asian style banquets compared to Western style receptions. Make sure you've got your list of things to book in advance and draw a timeline for keeping yourself organised. Apart from Googling what you need for your wedding, you can attend some bridal expo's and ask your married friends for their experience and opinions. In some cases, you may hire a wedding planner.



We took some pre-wedding photos here in Melbourne and the photos were AMAZING! We loved the photos and would never regret getting our pre-wedding photos taken in Melbourne! Unfortunately, we were not able to hire a photographer to fly over our home town on our big day. Instead, one of our uncles volunteered to be the photographer on our big day. It was great to save some money but his expertise wasn't in wedding photography.


To Future Brides: Your wedding day is supposed to be once in your life and you would want to have your big day to be cherished and remembered with photos that are taken by professionals. Look at photographers' portfolios to choose your desired style and preferably someone has had experience in taking photos at your wedding venue. Don't be afraid to ask for quotes and compare prices. There could be a big difference between their prices.



To Future Brides: Planning a wedding yourself takes a lot of effort physically and emotionally. As long as you and your partner support each other, don't worry about what will go wrong on your wedding day because enjoying the moment is the most important part of hosting a wedding.


Although there were regrets on my wedding day, I am grateful for what I have and how fate made my husband and I meet each other. I cannot say we are a 100% perfect match (...99%?), but he is definitely the best thing that happened in my life! <3


Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below! x

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