BW Guide for Choosing your Wedding Cake

August 1, 2017


A wedding cake is often the statement piece of a wedding and is more than just cake cutting and being part of the wedding decorations. It is the heart of the wedding and has an important role in setting the wedding theme and pinpoint the style of the groom and bride!


Here is a guide for all brides-to-be in choosing their perfect wedding cake.


1. Your Wedding theme


Apart from the wedding date and venue, the next thing to be decided should be your wedding theme! It is because every other design that you choose for your wedding (e.g. invitation design, floral arrangement, photography etc.) will work around your theme. So take some time in inspiring yourself with all the wedding theme ideas from Instagram, Pinterest, wedding blogs and magazines etc..


2. Choosing the right Cake Design/Style


Once you've set your wedding theme, you can narrow down the cake designs that you should search for. For example, if you are having a rustic themed wedding, you may look into cake designs like a Naked Cake, Semi-Naked Cake, or a Cake decorated with Fresh Floral etc.. At first you should just flip through the photos and save them all into the same place. Once you have gathered the photos, you would get an idea of what kind of cake design you prefer and pick a few that you like most for both you and your cake decorator's reference.


3. Find the right Cake Decorator


It is recommend to find your Local Cake Decorator, because you would prefer your cake to be delivered or picked up from the closest location from your wedding venue.


When you find a cake decorator, you would always look at their Portfolios and check if their cake decorating style matches your wedding theme and desired cake design/style. For example, not all cake decorators do both Fondant and Buttercream cakes (Baking Workshop specialises in buttercream cakes ;) ). Both fondant and buttercream cakes require different techniques and skills, so make sure your cake decorator has the skills for what you require.


4. Picking the right Cake Size


The size of the cake can be determined by the number of guests or even just how big/tall you want it to be. The number of guest should be the best guide in knowing how big your wedding cake should be. Most cake decorators would be able to tell you what is the recommended cake size for the number of guests you will have. If not, I always find this Chart from Wilton very useful.


If you don't require a lot of cake but you still want a tall cake, you can always ask if your cake decorator could add Dummy/Fake Tiers on your cake. A dummy/fake tier could be made out of the left-over cake or faulty cake, which are not meant to be eaten. Alternatively, very often a polystyrene tier is added, which has its limitation on creating a naked or semi-naked look.


Bare in mind that fake tiers may not necessarily save you a lot of money. This is because the cake decorator still needs to decorate the fake tiers, and cake decorating is always the part which requires the most time in making a wedding cake.


5. Budget


People usually ask for a quote without providing their budget for the cake. Be honest about your budget so that the cake decorator could offer you/suggest something that could meet your budget as well as the cake design that you want. You know it never hurts to ask ;)


6. Time


The time taken to enquire/discuss about the cake, design, flavours, size and pricing may take weeks and cake decorators will need extra preparation time for the cake. To have your favourite cake decorators booked out on your wedding day is the last thing you want it to happen. Therefore, make sure you have taken enough of time in enquiring and ordering your cake!



That's it for this guide in choosing your wedding cake! I hope this post could help you in some way <3 For any cake order enquiries, you are always welcome to email Baking Workshop at For all BW cake decorating styles, please visit our Instagram, Facebook and website! Thank you for reading! x


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