Before Starting a Food Business from your Home Kitchen in Victoria, Australia

October 6, 2017


Have you been enjoying decorating cakes? Have your friends been telling you to sell your cakes? Before we go straight to business, I am sure most of you know that you will need a Permit from your Local Council (you should only purchase from permitted businesses because it ensures that they prepare your food safely!). But what else do you need besides a permit in order to sell food from your kitchen? I am going to list a few more keys things that you may not know, including: Food Handler Certificate, Public Liability Insurance and Budgeting.



Food Handler Certificate


All food premise owners are required to complete a Food Handling Course at the Supervisor Level (Level 2). It is important for all food handlers to know all the rules and regulations in running their business with a duty of care as well as food handling skills. Courses are available which cover how you should adopt the Food Safety Program, identify your roles and responsibilities and safely prepare food etc.. These courses are so fundamental not just because you don't want to get fined or put to jail, but more importantly to prevent anybody from getting sick after eating your food just because you handled the food in an inappropriate way!


There are plenty of accredited Food Handling Courses out there and I did my course at iTFE. They are great because they aren't like other online courses that have hidden fees & conditions. If you pass their assessment on the same day of the course, you will get your certificate straight away. If you are still not sure what the course cover, you can go to, and have a taste of what food handlers need to know, but keep in mind this is not an accredited course.


Public Liability Insurance


Even if you handled your food with care and tried to prevent customers from getting sick, there are always exceptions. That is why we all need Public Liability Insurance.

In the worst scenario, if your customer becomes unwell after eating your food/products, a public liability insurance should be able to cover the medical expenses and etc.. The insurance limits are usually either $10 million or $20 million, depending on the size (annual revenue) of your company. 




You will need to budget every single thing that you will spend for your business. Set up costs like, Local Council Permits, Food Handling Course, Public Liability Insurance, Company Registration & Domain Name Registration and Equipments etc.. Apart from these, you may need to stock up on ingredients and packaging (single use items), take short courses to advance your skills, plan for your future marketing and advertising etc.. All of these require capital for your business. People may just think using home kitchen will save you money from rent, but you are still paying for what a usual business would spend on and most people are not aware of this. Budgeting well will better help you in planning and pricing your business (I know it takes so much time but it will be worth it).



It is okay if you didn't start off too well. We all learn everyday and I am also still learning all the things that I improve for my business. Learning a new thing everyday may makes you feel that your are always not good enough but at the same time this is the passion that drives you to achieve all the milestones in your own journey. I wish everyone success in their own businesses and it will be great to hear your thoughts on this blog! x

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